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Is Your Business is on Google?

No, then in 2020 you must bring your business on google.

Nowadays every people before buying anything from any shop,before visiting any restaurant or searching anything nearby first check on google.

And what if they get to know about your shop for any required stuff?

It would be really amazing and it will grow your business.

You can add all the details about your business on google my business app for free.

And anyone searching for the services or stuffs that they need are offered by you it would really help them as well as help your business to grow.

You can also create your small website for free.

So to get started –

1) Sign in to google my business

2)Now enter all the details asked by them

3) You can login to your google account and there you can see my business  app

4) Sometimes after filling the details the location automatically get verified and  sometimes it is verified by the post card sent on your business address.It requires upto 12 days to receive post card.After getting post card enter the verification code mention on it in the app.

5)Without verification your business cannot be seen on google. So verification is must

6)You can also create website if you dont have.Its free of cost and easy to make.They provide the tool with the help of it we have to create.

7)If you want your business on top you should make use of keywords in information you fill.

8)It also provide reports of how many has visited your site or seen your business on map.

I hope this information was helpful.

If you face any difficulty in creating leave your contact number in comment.I will contact you and help you in creating.



Find Your Business on Google

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