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Let's see today benefits of facebook marketing & advertising

Why Use Facebook Advertising?

Facebook advertisement can allow you to connect with “Real People in the Virtual world”. Facebook is the largest and most popular Social Network and provides a wide range of advertising potential. The key to advertising on Facebook is to take advantage of the segment targeting that Facebook delivers. You can target your advertising by location, age , gender, school, workplace and interests and have your site generate relevant traffic. So for an individual or a business organization, it can be a way to create strong relationships with new and existing customers.

Who Uses Facebook ? – YOUR CUSTOMERS

A Facebook user is no longer just a school going kid, though young adults (18-25) lead the way (29%), age group between (26-34) contribute almost 23% . As an advertiser you want to be where your customers are and they are probably on Facebook , looking at your competitors ads or Facebook pages and Facebook app. You would be wondering how much time does a user spend on facebook. Now 1 in every 13 people on earth use facebook. Average user has about 130 friends. So if you target properly then with every user you have probability to reach to atleast 100 other users via facebook wall and facebook invites.

Benefits Of Facebook Marketing and Advertising For Business

With the offline media like newspaper ads, magazines, radio, TV ads becoming more and more costly , facebook gives a tremendous Return on your Investments. So apart from the obvious cost benefit facebook also has a few more benefits. 


Online branding via facebook, customer engagement, reputation management, lead generation, client retention, brand awareness, CRM, customer feedback, search engine optimization and direct communication.

With facebook marketing and advertisement bring your business to the next level.


Hope this benefits of facebook marketing and advertisement will help you.

Benefits Of Facebook Marketing & Advertisment

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